Sunday, December 31st NYE Bash With The Insiders

Saturday, January 13th Lobster Loft

Customer Appreciation Party


                        Drink Specials:

                        $3 Bud $ Bud Light Bottles All Day & Night

                        $4 Landsharks

                        $5 Loaded Landsharks
                        $3 Fireball Shots 9pm-Close

                        $3 Tully Shots 9pm-Close

                        Food Specials:

                        $2.50 Sliders (Burger, Pulled Pork, Jerk Chicken)




                        Drink Specials:

                        $3 Coors Lite All Day & Night

                        $4 Twisted Teas/ $5 Loaded Teas All Day & Night

                        $8 302’s 9pm-12am

                        $3 Espolon Tequila Shots 11pm-1am *only girls here*

                        Food Specials:

                         $2 Tacos (Beef, Chicken, Pork)





                        Drink Specials:

                        $3 Coors Lite all Day & Night

                        $4 Corona & Corona Light All Day & Night

                        $3 Espolon Tequila Shots 11pm-1am

                        Food Specials:
                        $10.99 Flat Breads





                        Drink Specials:

                        $2 Miller Lite 

                        $4 Corona or Corona Light

                        $3 Jager Shots 9pm-Close

                        $3 Fireball Shots 9pm-Close

                        Food Specials:

                        .70 Wings




                        Drink Specials: 

                        $4 Bud & Bud Light - Open till 11pm

                        $4  Frozen Ritas 5-9pm

                        $3 Green Tea Shots 9pm-1am



                        Drink Specials:

                        $12 ShipWreck Rum Buckets 5-8pm

                        $5 Twisted Teas / $6 Loaded Teas 11am-9pm

                        $4 Coors Light 11am-11pm

                        $4 Skyy Vodka & Red Bull 9pm-11pm





                        Drink Specials:
                        $6 Tito’s Vodka & Lemonade in a Mason Jar
                            All Day & Night

                        $4 Bud & Bud Lite All Day & Night    
                        $3 Captain Morgan 11pm-1am             

*Specials refer to summer time promotions Memorial Day Weekend thru Irish Weekend in September and can exclude holiday weekends*